Thursday, November 8, 2007

Proclamation: Pride Build Day in Austin!

On Thursday, Austin City Council proclaimed November 1 'Habitat Pride Build Day' here in Austin. Brought forth by council member Jennifer Kim, this was a wonderful honor - one that truly befits the community-building spirit we sought to capture with this project. See pictures of the proclamation and the presentation below (click on the proclamation and it will expand for easier reading). I hope to have a link with video footage soon.

Onward, Saturday's eighth build day went very well. The interior of Marta's house is really beginning to take shape, and the Habitat folks inform us that tile should be laid this week.
This was a potluck lunch week - thank you to Beth Krueger and Bettie Naylor for helping provide a great lunch. At lunch all volunteers gathered to hear Bettie read the Proclamation from city council.

Here's the progress:

- Hung all doors, and door trim installed

- Installed cleats for shelves in pantry

- Primed the walls

- Primed the interior trim
- Assembled cabinets

- Readied floors for tiles

- Sheetrocked hot water heater closet

- Caulked battens

- Touched up exterior paint

That's all for now - and don't forget to spread the word about the
100 CLUB!

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