Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A busy week 7!

Week 7 saw three full build days, thanks to the wonderful volunteer crew from 3M on Wednesday and the second build day for the DELL group on Friday. By the time Saturday rolled around, enough work had been done to enable the sheet rock process to begin ~ one which, to my surprise, drew much anticipation and excitement (a direct quote from one volunteer: "Tell me when the drywall goes up, and I'm there.") I'm told this will continue through this next Saturday, so for you junkies out there, this may be your last chance (this year.)

A gracious thanks go out to the folks at Las Manitas for providing lunch!

I wasn't able to join the build on Saturday, so thank you to Jillian from Americorps and project lead Lauren for providing updates and photos. Here's the report on progress:

- We continued caulking and painting on both the house and shed
- Started sheet rocking of ceilings and walls (we didn’t finish but this was the majority of the days work)

- We worked on some of the house trim

- Finished soffit over the porch

- Replaced some kitchen and bath blocking

- During the week they finished battens, installed porch soffit (the roof of the porch which includes battens), soffit on the back of the house, anchor bolts on base plates, installed 2 more porch posts.

We are making great progress on the 100 Club ~ but as we push to our $60,000 goal we encourage you to continue to spread the word to your circles. 100 donors and we're finished!

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