Thursday, November 15, 2007


We are so excited to announce that the Pride Build has received an exciting anonymous pledge of $5000! If we can raise an additional $5000 toward our goal of $60,000, our anonymous community angels will match the success with a gift of $5000. Spread the word!

Day Nine...incredible progress!

It was amazing to see the visual progress made between 8am and 4pm this past Saturday. When our team of 18 volunteers began, the interior of Marta's home had no flooring or cabinets, her porch no railing, and her yard no fence. All that was changed by the end of the day - incredible progress that puts the Pride Build right on target to hand Marta her keys at the dedication on December 8th. Mark your calendars, it will be quite a party ~ Saturday, December 8th at 3 PM at Marta's new home.

See below for pictures of the progress ~ though the image isn't great, look for the reference to Equality issues in the design of the porch railing. Courtesy of Jillian, The build's talented Americorps leader.

This was University day - special thanks to all the students who came out from St. Edward's, UT, and ACC. Regular Pride Build volunteer and St. Ed's student Antowan Jones led the charge with a challenge to his University peers ~ thanks to everyone for braving 8 am on a Saturday.

Lunch couldn't have come quicker, because we all knew where it was coming from. Through the generosity of the fabulous folks from Home Slice, we were all treated to the best pizza in town!

Finally, I'm excited to announce an exciting Anonymous Challenge Grant to the Pride Build! Some folks from the community have pledged $5000 if we can raise funds to match it. This would bring us to our $60,000 goal ~ This is an ideal time to reach out to your circles of influence for support of our historic build!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Proclamation: Pride Build Day in Austin!

On Thursday, Austin City Council proclaimed November 1 'Habitat Pride Build Day' here in Austin. Brought forth by council member Jennifer Kim, this was a wonderful honor - one that truly befits the community-building spirit we sought to capture with this project. See pictures of the proclamation and the presentation below (click on the proclamation and it will expand for easier reading). I hope to have a link with video footage soon.

Onward, Saturday's eighth build day went very well. The interior of Marta's house is really beginning to take shape, and the Habitat folks inform us that tile should be laid this week.
This was a potluck lunch week - thank you to Beth Krueger and Bettie Naylor for helping provide a great lunch. At lunch all volunteers gathered to hear Bettie read the Proclamation from city council.

Here's the progress:

- Hung all doors, and door trim installed

- Installed cleats for shelves in pantry

- Primed the walls

- Primed the interior trim
- Assembled cabinets

- Readied floors for tiles

- Sheetrocked hot water heater closet

- Caulked battens

- Touched up exterior paint

That's all for now - and don't forget to spread the word about the
100 CLUB!