Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day Three - Sealing the Roof

We had better weather for day 3 of the build - good cloudcover and finally somewhat of a breeze - all which portended a suspensful race to seal the roof and the house from the elements. 18 people came to build with us - mostly new faces.

All of the synthetic underlay went up on the roof in one day - by the end of which 8 people were perched atop the roof finishing the work. The same was true for the siding underlay - sheathing the entire house in black by the end of day. A separate team worked on the doors and windows, completing the process of sealing the house from the elements.

And what good timing! After the build shut down around 3:30 PM, as many longhorn fans soon knew, the skies opened and poured down upon the house. This was the first rain in many weeks here in Austin, and what perfect timing to elucidate the efficacy and strength of our Pride Build team. Nice work, everyone!

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